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Mother and baby in autumn


Having a baby should be a wonderful and special experience.  

Suffolk Private Midwives, would like to offer you a personalised, one-to-one midwifery service, working in partnership with Private Midwives Ltd.  Services include antenatal care, postnatal care, enhanced breastfeeding support, home birth and hospital packages.  Your care will be family focused and tailor made for your own individual needs, and all in the comfort of your own home.

Specifically designed for those families who would love to experience the 'personal touch' and true individualised care.

We are pleased to still be able to offer face to face appointments and hands on care during this tricky and uncertain time

Call us today, for an informal chat about our packages and the care we provide and find out how we can support and empower you and help you navigate your way through pregnancy and parenthood.


Joanna Dennison-Bird RM

I have been a registered Midwife since 2003, and have been an Independent Midwife since 2005, until 2021.  I am currently a self-employed midwife, working within the 'Private Midwives' family.

I have been lucky enough to have had the privilege of helping and supporting women and their families through-out their pregnancies and into their transition to parenthood for over 20 years.  I feel passionate about empowering women to achieve a positive and rewarding experience.  I specialise in natural child birthing techniques and offer complimentary therapies, including aromatherapy, reflexology, homeopathy, Rebozo/optimal fetal positioning, and relaxation/hypnobirth techniques.  I am fully committed in supporting you to take an active role in your pregnancy and birth.  

On a more personal note, I am a mother of 4 beautiful children, 3 of whom are now fully grown and my youngest son, who is school age.  We live close to Newmarket, Suffolk, with our a very naughty rescue dog, Bella.  


How I Assist

As a midwife, I pride myself in providing you and your partner with safe and effective, one-to-one care and support, using the best available research-based evidence and guidance, so that you are able to make fully informed decisions.  Care can begin early pregnancy, until your baby is 4 weeks old.

If you would prefer a shortened period of care, there is a package which begins at 30 weeks of pregnancy, includes a birth package and postnatal care until your baby is ten days old.

If you require just pregnancy care, or postnatal care only, then I am very flexible and able to facilitate this for you, and I have an excellent enhanced breast feeding support service, for your baby's first week.

For cost's of packages, please scroll down to the final page of this website.

Unfortunately, I do feel uncomfortable in providing just home birth services on there own and so I do not offer a 'home birth only' package.  

If you feel unsure about which package is best for you, then just give me a call on 07754538701, for an informal chat and advice.  Pleased be advised to book for care early - as I provide one-to-one care, I am restricted to the number of clients I have on my case-load at any one time. 

Suffolk Private Midwifery Services are part of the Private Midwives Ltd family, so your care is fully insured and contracted with Private Midwives Ltd.

Hand on Bump


Informative and Compassionate

Beginning our relationship with an informal meet and greet, as your Midwife I am committed to your health and the well-being of your growing family, available whenever needed throughout your entire pregnancy as well as after giving birth. I will be there to provide you with continuous emotional and physical support, and answer any and all questions you may have.

*  24/7 telephone advice and support, direct to my own personal mobile telephone number for 'booked' clients. (This service is only available to patients of Suffolk Private Midwives, not a general public information service)

* One-to-one antenatal visits are conducted in the comfort of your own home and are family friendly.  

*Antenatal care to include all routine antenatal checks and any emergency call-outs.

* Checks are friendly and caring, but professional and planned to last around 45 minutes to one hour.  However these may run longer, if you have lots of questions or concerns.  I never want you to feel rushed or that you don't have the time to ask all the questions you want.

* Organising your required diagnostic screening, blood test's and ultrasound with your chosen hospital, or through Private Midwives Ltd.

* Parent Education is specifically designed around your own personal needs and all one-to-one.

* An informative and detailed 'labour and birth' discussion and planning appointment at around 34-36 weeks gestation for you and your partner.

* Support and advice in writing your birth plan.

* Optimal fetal positioning using 'Spinning Babies' techniques and Rebozo.

* Complimentary therapies for pregnancy, including massage, reflexology, aromatherapy and Hypnobirth.

Expectant Couple


Supportive and empowering

I specialise in home water birth and have had many years of experience and knowledge in supporting and empowering women to trust their bodies.  I encourage you to utilise your own instincts during childbirth, so that with my care and guidance, you are able to achieve a positive, rewarding and safe birth experience.

Your birth is very special, and you should be treated with care and respect - always!  So, with this in mind, it is very important to me that your labour is based on your own personal needs and I strive to offer you flexibility and control.  My aim is for you to take an active role in birthing your baby and to fully experience that most precious of moments.

This philosophy is not just for home birth, but can also be incorporated into any hospital or birth unit environment, to support you in achieving the best outcome possible.

Mother and Baby


Your midwife/client relationship continues

Following your baby's birth, hourly visits continue on a daily basis to begin with.  This is to establish that you and your baby are physically and emotionally recovering after your delivery.  Depending on your well-being, previous experience and personal wishes, these visits gradually become less over the next 4 weeks - usually to every other day, then every third or fourth day, as you become more and more confident, until you are coping independently with your new baby.

* One to one postnatal care for you and your baby for the first 4 weeks - all in the comfort of your own home, also with enhanced breastfeeding support included, during your baby's first week.

* 24/7 telephone consultancy continues, as before, for reassurance and advise.

* Physical well-being checks for you and baby, to make sure you are healing and recovering, following your baby's birth.

* Hands on guidance,advise and support with breastfeeding your baby.

* Regular baby weight checks, using specially designed mobile electronic scales.

* Help with baby care - everything from changing his nappy or bathing, to soothing a 'gassy' baby.

* Information and help in acquiring birth certificates and registering your baby.


For a list of packages and fee's, please scroll down, or if you dont see the package you require, then contact us to discuss your care requirements.

Contact : or call 07754538701 to speak with Jo

“Having Jo as my midwife, had a profound and lasting impact on my confidence in birth and motherhood.  Jo's demeanour, knowledge and support, gave both my Husband and I confidence and she was essential to my positive experience and physical and emotional recovery.  Jo had a special ability to make me feel like my baby was the most special baby she had ever held.''

Rebecca Bosch Slone

“My pregnancy experience with Jo, goes beyond birth.  It began with my care during pregnancy and I formed a friendship with a wonderful woman.  If I could keep Jo with me everyday, I would! Her smile and contagious happiness is the perfect asset to have on any day, but especially during this special time.”

Leslie Bridges

“Both my Husband and I met with Jo and immediately felt at ease and confident with her support.  Through-out my pregnancy we developed a great relationship, so that when I found I was pregnant with my second baby, Jo was one of the first people we called.”

Joanne Harrison

Packages and Fee's

Antenatal care only: From early pregnancy:£1250  From 30 weeks:£850

Based on all of your routine midwifery care needs in pregnancy, including routine monitoring of you and your baby's progress in pregnancy.  Individualised birth planning and labour preparation.  Also includes the use of complementary therapies for pregnancy and an introduction to hypnobirthing and natural child birthing techniques.

Postnatal care only: Two weeks (6 visits): £850 Four weeks (8-10 visits):£1250  

To Include your routine postnatal mother and baby care, new born blood spot screening, regular baby weight checks and individualised, breastfeeding advise and support.  Added support will also include a 24/7 telephone support-line, with your own midwife, for the duration of care.

Intensive breastfeeding support £350

Daily visits for one week   Extra breastfeeding advice and support, available on its own or can be added to your package 

Gold package: £6500 Home Birth or Hospital support - full package

This includes all antenatal and postnatal care as listed above.  Routine blood test's through NHS and Private 34 week blood test included. This package also includes home birth support and clinical monitoring, when in active labour, or support in a hospital/birth unit setting.

Please note: Hospital support package, does not include clinical care, which will be provided by NHS colleagues.  However, this does make it possible for your midwife to offer you her full attention, one to one support throughout, continuity of carer and help with advocacy, decision making and personal care, including mobilisation and positioning, complimentary therapies and natural childbearing techniques.

Silver care package: £5500 Home Birth or hospital support - mini package

As above, but with antenatal care commencing at 30 weeks of pregnancy.  Home birth or support in hospital. Postnatal care for 10-14 days.  

One-off antenatal/postnatal or enhanced breastfeeding support(single appointment): £175

Single scheduled appointment to last 1.5 - 2 hours, which include a detailed history taking.  Further appointments can be scheduled at a reduced cost.  Please book appointments during business hours - apologies, this is not a 24/7 service.

Entonox (gas and air) and/or Pool hire: Booked through Private Midwives UK


NIPE (Paediatric) neonatal assessment: Included with Gold and Silver packages

If you wish to discuss a payment plan, then please email

Please note that prices are based on travel times up to 45 minutes.  A small travel charge may be added for clients who live 'out of area', to cover the cost of extra fuel.

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